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Since this pandemic/Health Crisis began and after it leaves our country and the world, the way we do business will be extremely different than ever before. As everyone keeps saying, we need to get used to the ‘new normal.’

Many people will close their doors and have their employees working from home, there will be many out of work and wanting to start their own businesses from their home office.

Less people will have that face to face interaction or meetings, corporate events, because of this health scare and don’t think it may not happen again down the track, because it may do. It may not be a 1 in 100-year health crisis, how does anyone know and how long will it last?

Most business is now done online or will become online, everything is digital, social media is used every day. If a business is wanting to obtain and prospect to another business, they will need to develop new ways to find leads and be leveraging existing relationships. Businesses will be looking for people with interpersonal skills, able to target new prospects and manage inbound/outbound prospect requests. Businesses will be looking for someone that is a hunter, committed to achieving targets, able to market and network virtually and someone that can actually write and write well.

Do you need someone to do outbound calls, follow up on all those people you haven’t spoken to for some time. What about making appointments, maybe not the way your used to, but by phone or Zoom, Skype. Do you need someone to help with your online presence, content creation? Do you need someone to contact your warm leads from various digital and social channels and book clients. Do you need someone to collect, manage and maintain client information and status updates and follow up and move clients through a process. This is what I do and so much more.

Business will operate very different, now and into the future. You don’t have to do business anymore face to face. Look at online webinars, online conferences, newsletters, phone calls, emails, online presentations. If you need help in these areas, let me help you.

‘It might be old fashioned to pick up the phone and actually have a conversation with someone, it might be old fashioned to develop relationships this way, but it may be the safest and healthiest way moving forward in this century’

Barbara Burstall – Virtual Business Development Manager
A creative thinker, able to build long-term relationships with prospects, generate new leads, develop new opportunities and helping businesses grow in 2020 and beyond.