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Now more then ever during and after the COVID-19 Crisis, the impact of this health and economic crisis, for you as a sole trader, small or medium to large sized business, will be the most influential time you have encountered within your business.

Some businesses already are flourishing, others are pivoting, some are failing.

Since this economic and health crisis has happened, it really has shown different industries in a different light. This may or may not be the first economic or health crisis to happen of late, we have encountered many over the last 20-30 years with a Recession “we had to have” in the early 1990’s, the GFC in 2009 and now the Corona Virus in 2020.

There will be more health and economic crisis in the future and no matter how much your safeguard your business, you need to become adaptable at every turn.

Personally, my own BDM business has flourished as I have worked for many different clients in different industries during this time.

For you as a Sole Trader, a small, medium or large business, this is the most opportune time to market your business and outsource to a Virtual Business Development Manager.

With spending at an all-time low, high employment across every city, every town in Australia, you might think this is a crazy statement to make. But those that market their business now and keep in the forefront of people’s minds, or establish themselves as a leader in their industry will be the ones that will succeed.

Even as a Sole Trader, you can still be highly successful, if you market your business and market it well.

I have been working with a number of different clients from writing and designing Sales Proposals, writing blogs for a large financial institution, to assisting clients in the Building Industry, plus calling high volumes of outbound calls and collecting and maintaining and managing client information for another, plus follow up.  None of these business have stopped and they took the step to outsource to a VBDM so they can work on their businesses during this time and it’s certainly paid off, with new clients onboard and new sales.

Don’t get left behind, market your business now and outsource to a Virtual Business Development Manager today!

‘It might be old fashioned to pick up the phone and actually have a conversation with someone, it might be old fashioned to develop relationships this way, but it may be the safest and healthiest way moving forward in this century’

Barbara Burstall – Virtual Business Development Manager
A creative thinker, able to build long-term relationships with prospects, generate new leads, develop new opportunities and helping businesses grow in 2020 and beyond.