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That you may want to ask, prior to contacting Barbara

Why choose Barbara to represent your business as your Virtual Business Development Manager?
Barbara has worked as a Business Development Manager for 10 years in total. Primarily she worked on the road assisting businesses, then in 2015 took the business online and worked virtually. Even before COVID and restrictions took place, Barbara was primarily leading the way in this niche market when it comes to outbound calls and appointment setting, lead generation and cold calling. Barbara is a dedicated business owner, she works as part of your team virtually and puts 110% effort and work helping clients around Australia.  Her dedication, professionalism and attention to detail is second to none. Barbara always puts her clients first!
What is Barbara's point of difference, why should I outsource to a Virtual Business Development Manager, instead of obtaining a BDM onsite?
Even before COVID hit Australia and globally, there is no need to employ an onsite Business Development Manager. Barbara’s point of difference is she works primarily from her home office. She works virtually and has procedures and systems in place.  Barbara doesn’t charge for any overheads, whereas if you were to employ an onsite BDM, you would need to pay for leave entitlements, holiday, sick leave, superannuation, company vehicles, phones and laptop.  Whereas Barbara charges a set amount for packages, there are no other hidden costs. Quite a considerable saving when you add up the differences to utilising a Virtual Business Development Manager versus an onsite BDM. By utilising online platforms, such as the phone, zoom, skype, email and online CRM systems eliminates the need to have face to face contact with a lead, no matter if you are selling a product or service. Many clients have sent samples via courier or mail and Barbara has spoken to the lead in regards to the product and it’s functionality. In 2020 with the ‘new way’ business will operate, it makes good business sense to eliminate that face to face contact, but still provide the customer the same customer service and sales and after sales follow up that they would have received previously, before COVID.
What services does Barbara provide?
Barbara’s main services she provides is Business Development, Cold Calling, Lead Generation, Outbound Calls, Appointment Setting, Follow up, Marketing, Sales, Research & Strategy. But most importantly she works alongside you and reviews your business on a strategic level and looks at the systems, your target market, those small details that many businesses forget to do.
Why sign an agreement, what does it include?
An agreement covers you and Barbara and must be signed before any work commences by both parties. This also includes a Confidentiality/Agreement clause. It is an assurance by both parties.  The client agreement provides a full outline of tasks in more detail. Barbara Burstall – Virtual Business Development Manager is committed to keeping your details strictly private. All information collected in relation to your business and/or clients is kept strictly private. Barbara will never pass on, sell or swap any personal information with any other parties. Barbara will not work for two businesses within the same industry or area as it could be seen as a conflict of interest, especially when it comes to Real Estate Agents who have designated areas, so there is no overlap or conflict.
Payment terms, how does that work for me?
Payment terms are listed within each package. Due to COVID, Barbara has established payment options for clients as an alternative or you can discuss at time of call a custom package and price that may be suited better to your needs.
What if I need to cancel, do I lose my money?
In the unfortunate event that a client may need to cancel a package, due to sickness or change in circumstances, the client is required to give at least 5 days’ notice, if not beforehand in writing. The client will be charged for work up to the point of cancellation.  Deposits are non-refundable. Barbara understands that due to COVID and that ‘life’ things happen, she does not charge cancellation fees.
As a client, how do I proceed?
Barbara provides an initial 15-20 minute consultation with every client. The next course of action is to make the call/enquiry. Barbara will go through the different packages with you to pick the best option for your needs. If you want a Virtual Business Development Manager that is honest; reliable; skilled; is an excellent communicator, then pick up the phone, email, PM or make an enquiry via this website. Barbara wants to see your business succeed, grow and expand.  Let Barbara, help your business be successful, innovative and the thriving business it can be.
Does Business Development actually work for every business?
The answer is YES, Business Development should be part of every business, more so now with COVID and moving forward into the future. Business Development consists of so many elements, it isn’t all about Sales, it’s about cultivating long lasting business relationships, identifying key markets, utilising your resources effectively and ultimately you should incorporate Business Development every day if you want your business to grow.
The most important question is, what is my Return on Investment?
This one is the most important question and most asked question by every client. The answer is ‘how long is a piece of string’. ROI (Return on Investment) incorporates many intricate parts to the equation. Unfortunately when a client / lead responds, we cannot for-see what the response will be. But as a experienced Virtual Business Development Manager, my role is to make sure that your core message, your target market, your offer, model is the best it can be. Every business is different, every lead is different, but by building successful business relationships, in turn your Return on Investment will probably exceed your expectations. Speak with Barbara today!




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