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Please review the list of Services provided. Let me help you build long-term relationships with prospects, generate new leads, develop new opportunities and helping businesses grow in 2020 and beyond.

Barbara comes from a sales and marketing background and offers lead generation as part of her services. She specialised in this area as she noticed a great need among different businesses and different industries. No matter what stage they are at from start-ups to well established businesses. It is a very important marketing strategy and in combination with social media, marketing, PR, it definitely serves well to incorporate this task within their businesses.


  • Develop marketing strategy and target market with client
  • Develop new business via phone, email or social media
  • Obtain leads and conduct research to identify potential prospects
  • Identify key influencers and decision makers
  • Build and cultivate prospect relationships
  • Conduct follow up communications and appointment setting
  • Manage data for new and prospective clients
  • Proficient in CRM software and MS Office
  • Qualify and generate sales leads
  • Develop new business from multiple sources including inbound marketing leads, prospect lists, cold and warm calling
Barbara has worked virtually for many businesses as a Virtual Business Development Manager. Why not outsource this role instead of employing a full-time a BDM. Barbara can assist any business who provides a service or sells a product. As Barbara works virtually, she is unable to visit clients on behalf of your business, but can co-ordinate and make appointments for you and your sales staff.


  • Develop new business opportunities through networking, cold calling
  • Identify potential clients, decision makers within your target market
  • Establish and maintain strong relationships with existing customers by regular contact via phone, email, social media
  • Build rapport with new clients
  • Strategic planning to develop new business for (you the client)
  • Obtain and acquire knowledge of your business, business model, knowledge of your market, target audience
  • Set up meetings either online (Zoom, Skype) or face to face for (you the client) with potential lead (ie decision maker), appointment setting
  • Provide presentation/reports and develop proposals for (you the client) to present to potential lead
  • Negotiate and selling of product/service
  • Arrange client debriefs and brainstorming sessions
  • Identify opportunities for campaigns, services and distribution channels to increase sales
  • Knowledge of the market and competitors
  • Submit weekly or monthly progress reports as required
  • Recruit staff and develop position descriptions
  • Develop effective sales plans and business cases
  • Manage resources and budget requirements
  • Maintain database of business development opportunities and prospect pipeline information
  • Provide reporting and status updates
Barbara will go through with you a number of key elements before making calls. From reviewing your target market, reviewing your message, your business model, what you want to achieve, what you offer ie service or product. Each industry is different and each client is different in the way they market their services or products. So when it comes to Cold Calling and making Outbound calls on your behalf, Barbara works alongside you virtually. She represents your business at the time of calling the lead. She co-ordinates every task from the call, to the response, to questions that may arise, to appointments, information to be supplied to the most important element, follow up. Remember: Cold calling focuses on volume, while outbound calling focuses on depth.


  • From cold calling your target market, appointment setting, reviewing your message, what outcome is required
  • Outbound calls re: quality of calls, compared to cold calling just from a list supplied, so Barbara goes through in depth strategies, through to closing sales
  • Follow up in every sense, ie phone, email, social media, follow up is the most important part of Business Development
  • Barbara has many years experience with development of relationships B2B (Business to Business) and B2C (Business to Consumer), both are very different in the way they are targeted. Barbara has the experience with both sectors to assist you to grow your business
When it comes to strategy and development, think about the businesses processes and procedures. The role of strategic business development is basically in a nutshell to acquire ideal clients using brand promises. Deciding your target market to develop new business is where Barbara can help you. A good strategy which is well implemented can drive growth and profitability to any business.


  • Develop a strategic business development plan unique to your business
  • Assist you with networking which is a commonly used business development strategy
  • Networking via online, assist with your social media presence, your branding, blog writing, content
  • Assist networking via Zoom meetings, online presentations
  • Assist with digital networking techniques
  • Assist with referrals, establishing relationships for new business or revisit existing client base by contact and collaboration ideas
  • Assist with sponsorship and advertising through digital advertising techniques
  • Assist with email management and targeting the right message to use for your ideal client
Marketing is an element of Business Development. It is building upon a businesses ‘brand’ through effective marketing, by connecting your audience to your products or services. It’s about networking, qualifying leads and then converting those leads into clients.


  • Assist the needs and wants of the target market, which is always ‘different’ to what you the client may think
  • Assist with the businesses overall message
  • The best tools and direction of communication to your target audience
  • Strategy: marketing the right message, following up leads and reviewing/testing
  • Content: Assisting and writing good content ie blogs, articles, scripts, webinar topics that will resonate with the target audience
  • Campaign: marketing to create and promote campaigns, events, (online or face to face)
  • Speaking engagements: Pitching to target audience (for either online or face to face engagements)
  • Follow up after every strategy
Research and Business Development go hand in hand as two key components for proposal success.  Researching is one of the most valuable tools and obviously research is much more then reviewing a companies website. When you research you can find much more, for example stories full of information on a companies history, social media profiles ie Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, off-site blogs, mentions in online forums, career listings is another helpful one to research your target company, these listings often provide insights to the culture of the company.


  • Undertaking research activities
  • Generating and evaluating new ideas and suggestions by investigating and researching market opportunities
  • Evaluating the viability of new services and forecast potential sales
  • Research buyer behaviour, any issues and researching competitors in the same field
  • Research of implementation and results
  • Develop business cases
  • Investigate market opportunities and effect on existing services




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