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It sometimes annoys me when I see Facebook groups discussing about Cold Calling, Lead Generation as if it is a dying art form. If it was, I wouldn’t have a business.

I work as a Virtual Business Development Manager, one of the tasks I specialise in is Lead Generation. When you research the word “Lead Generation” is comes up with “the action or process of identifying and cultivating potential customers for a business’s products or services.” So for any business owner that doesn’t implement this task within their own business is actually losing customers.

There is no fast and hard rule when it comes to cold calling or lead generation. Cold Calling has always been the traditional early stage of the selling process. It’s that initial first phone call you make to a prospective customer. Cold Calling is also known as canvassing, telephone canvassing, prospecting, even door – knocking.

My background is in sales and marketing, back when I was working in the corporate world. So for me personally, I enjoy the rush, I enjoy talking to people and enjoy the chase I suppose, the win at the end. Then I get off the phone and ‘do my little happy dance’ when I have closed the deal.

Within my own business, I do the calling myself.  I do the research, I do the calls personally. I put together in conjunction with the client a marketing strategy, research the target market, I dig deep and find out about the client’s business and represent their business as if I was working within the office physically.

It’s not just a matter of calling a prospective client and asking them the question. You firstly have to build rapport, no different to social media. Not always in your first initial contact you will obtain a sale. It takes time and follow up…… Always ring back when you say you will. Email information promptly as you promised when talking to the client.

Having good listening skills is an attribute when making calls. Good cold calling – performed properly is not merely a ‘numbers game’ – is a fundamental and highly transferable capability.

So it’s not a ‘dead marketing strategy’ it forms one of many together with marketing; social media; PR; networking; branding and so much more. It’s a combination together that will help you achieve a new client, that new lead and ultimately a sale. I work with many entrepreneurs, small to medium sized businesses.

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‘It might be old fashioned to pick up the phone and actually have a conversation with someone, it might be old fashioned to develop relationships this way, but it may be the safest and healthiest way moving forward in this century’

Barbara Burstall – Virtual Business Development Manager
A creative thinker, able to build long-term relationships with prospects, generate new leads, develop new opportunities and helping businesses grow in 2020 and beyond.